THW Kiel Handball Club

Best light for professional athletes


Project benefits at a glance

  • Partnership for top performance
    LEDVANCE and THW Kiel have established a lighting partnership to provide the best possible support for the performance of the handball stars through innovative lighting technologies. For this purpose, selected rooms of the training center and the administration building were equipped with the BIOLUX HCL system.
  • Optimal light quality
    The PANEL and DOWNLIGHT luminaires of the BIOLUX system support the circadian rhythm with changing brightness and light colors, thus promoting concentration and vitality of the THW Kiel team.
  • Easy handling
    Handball coaches and players can use rotary control unit switches with a display to easily and intuitively adjust individual lighting scenarios to the room situation as desired.

Project info

  • Altenholz, Germany, 2021
  • Customer: THW Kiel Handball Club
  • Project: Conversion office building /training center
  • Application: Office
  • Technology: LED
  • Products: BIOLUX System

Concentration, vitality and performance are also a question of suitable lighting in sports. With Human Centric Lighting, LEDVANCE provides lighting technology that is oriented towards people and creates ideal conditions for sporting highlights for the handball champions of THW Kiel thanks to the BIOLUX HCL system.


THW Kiel is Germany‘s leading team in the international sport of professional handball. The focus of daily activities is therefore on the performance and well-being of the handball team. One factor in this is the lighting of the training center and office building of the handball club in Altenholz. Innovative lighting solutions are therefore to be used to increase the lighting quality in the video room of the training center and in the meeting room of the administration building, among other rooms, and to implement a lighting profile that can be flexibly adapted to individual needs.


THW Kiel has entered into a lighting partnership with LEDVANCE. Their goal is to support the performance of the professional handball players in the best possible way with innovative lighting technologies. In a first step, the video room of the training center and the meeting room as well as the management office in the office building of the handball club have been equipped with the BIOLUX HCL system from LEDVANCE. The BIOLUX system automatically adjusts the lighting in the preset "NATURAL" light profile to the course of daylight and also allows trainers and players to use rotary control unit switches to adjust the lighting individually and dynamically to the respective lighting requirements in the room.


The PANEL luminaires of the BIOLUX system from LEDVANCE provide significantly improved brightness and lighting quality - and the individually adjustable lighting profiles ensure a perfect lighting environment at all times. For example, the "FOCUS" light profile promotes the concentration of players on the next opponent during tactics meetings in the video room, while the "RELAX" light profile in the meeting room ensures a relaxed atmosphere at events or during breaks between training sessions. An additional advantage of the BIOLUX HCL system is that it is easy to install and simple and user-friendly to operate.


The handball club THW Kiel and LEDVANCE have entered into a partnership to successfully harmonize innovative lighting technologies with the requirements of top-class sports. To this purpose, LEDVANCE has installed the BIOLUX HCL system in selected rooms of the training center and the office building of THW Kiel in Altenholz as a first step. However, Human Centric Lighting does not only increase the quality of light. The available different lighting profiles also make it possible to create a lighting scenario that is perfectly adapted to the respective occasion.

Successful professional sports require optimal conditions - in competitions as well as in everyday life. Every detail counts, for example also the lighting. That's why we are very pleased to have found a strong partner for future-oriented lighting solutions in LEDVANCE.


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