Mexx Fashion Store 3D video

How modern shop lighting increased sales by 25 %

Modern shop lighting seduces, stages, makes products desirable and architecture can be experienced. And let the customers feel comfortable. An exciting example: the Mexx Fashion Store in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

The building was built in the 1930s as an art deco-style cinema. Located in the shopping arcade of the Dutch city of Den Bosch, it has been converted several times and is now a Mexx Fashion Store. The operators wanted to expand their metropolitan facility concept with a new lighting concept by adding a "Townhouse" style.

The aim of the new lighting design is to present the products faithfully and color-true to the design concept while maintaining as much art deco elements as possible in the interior architecture as possible.

How well that has worked, say store manager Simone Dekker and interior designer Ilse van Loo in our 3D video.

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