The main focus of LEDVANCE's social commitment is the observance of fair working conditions and safety standards.
The continuous development and support of our diverse, talented employees is also of great strategic importance and decisive for the success of our company.

In times of declining numbers of highly qualified newcomers and the unwillingness of employees to commit long-term to a company, employer branding at LEDVANCE is highly relevant for permanent business success.

Studies show that companies with successful employer brands benefit from increased quality of applications, lower recruitment costs, greater retention of key personnel, reduced staff turnover, and a higher degree of commitment from their employees. Successful employer branding therefore reduces personnel costs in the long run. It also increases business results and the company's competitiveness as an employer. For this reason, LEDVANCE sees targeted employer branding as an important means of sustainable corporate management.

We have defined worldwide employer positioning as one of our strategies. This Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is aligned with the corporate brand and corporate objectives, and sums up what makes LEDVANCE a global employer.

EVP core positioning of LEDVANCE “Advance with us” is based on three principles:

  • striving for excellence
  • breaking new ground
  • winning together

The EVP will be anchored with employees and managers by adapting all HR processes and by using various measures.

To raise LEDVANCE's profile as an employer competing for the best new talent, the EVP will also be consistently communicated in direct dialog with our target groups via our social media activities and in an exchange with our universities as well as in advertising campaigns. It goes without saying that the LEDVANCE recruitment and onboarding processes are also based on the consistent integration of the EVP.

Continual development of profound and extensive employer branding based on our EVP will also ensure that our credibility and competitiveness as an employer are improved in future.

Responsibility as an employer

Adhering to international labor standards and fair working conditions is indispensable for the success of LEDVANCE as a global employer.

LEDVANCE takes responsibility as an employer, respects the human rights of all employees, and is explicitly against child labor, and unethical and unsocial business practices. LEDVANCE does not discriminate by ethnic origin, gender, religion, social background, disability, political views, or sexual orientation.

We respect the local applicable statutory requirements regarding payment in all countries in which LEDVANCE conducts business. Our employees have the right to freedom of organization and assembly throughout the world. In countries where employee representatives have been established it is very important for us to work together with them as closely and constructively as possible. We strive to offer our employees a safe and secure workplace with fair conditions. Provided that job losses are unavoidable due to technological changes and associated restructuring, LEDVANCE strives to make them as socially acceptable as possible.

LEDVANCE Diversity Program

Talented employees should be successful at LEDVANCE, no matter who they are or where they are from. Our diversity program ensures that employees with the same experience and qualifications have the same career chances, irrespective of their personal background, gender or nationality. In order to promote diversity, making it the norm and a core element in our corporate culture, we have set in motion a number of programs and initiatives. Vacancies are filled and employees are selected following diversity aspects at all times.

Diversity is also important for the sustainable growth of our company. Only in heterogeneous groups can convincing innovative ideas be developed, fresh approaches created, and viable new solutions found. Our employees with different backgrounds and origins are representative of LEDVANCE's diverse customer groups. They enrich our pool of ideas and boost our innovations. Diversity is a decisive factor for being successful as a global company.

We want to make use of the diversity of our employees to learn from each other and promote innovations in all areas of the company. Diversity should enhance creativity, productivity and value everywhere – in new sales channels, optimized internal processes, and technological developments.

We stand for a performance-minded corporate culture and aim for a long-term HR policy, the objectives and principles of which are derived from our Employee Value Proposition (EVP). The working environment at LEDVANCE is defined by initiative, entrepreneurial freedom, fairness, flexibility, respect, and cooperation based on mutual trust.

Our employees work in an environment that offers both challenging tasks and a variety of training and e-learning programs. Performance expectations, fulfillment of tasks, individual development plans and their progress are identified in regular employee reviews. This includes regular checks on how effective training measures are. By promoting each employee's individual goals, abilities and skills, we increase the performance of individual employees and that of the whole company.


To be at the forefront of the highly competitive and dynamic environment, we offer our employees a number of programs and training events for personal development and further training at all hierarchic levels. Company-wide talent management, i.e. measures and tools for professional and personal development of our employees, is an essential part of our HR policy. Here we place particular emphasis on recognizing and promoting our employees' personal strengths and talents. By promoting each employee's individual goals, abilities and skills, we increase the performance of individual employees and that of the whole company.

Our programs for the development of managers are an essential part of strengthening the LEDVANCE management culture. Entrepreneurial thinking and action, the willingness to take responsibility, and motivating and promoting employees are important key qualifications. Building a consistent understanding of leadership and individual leadership skills are core objectives of our varied training formats.

Management culture & performance management

LEDVANCE's management culture is based on the three core elements of corporate identity: our brand, our strategy, and our corporate culture. A common basis are the principles of positioning ourselves as an employer: striving for excellence, breaking new ground, winning together.

We promote performance with a clear incentive system. Our transparent bonus system is based on clearly measurable targets and the assessment by managers. The performance management process (PMP) is the main instrument that LEDVANCE uses to systematically identify, accompany and promote potential and talent in its employees. LEDVANCE's PMP includes setting individual performance objectives and assessing the performance and abilities of employees, which is done by managers. It also gives the company an overview over its pool of talent. This provides the basis for promoting internal talent using appropriate training measures.

A prerequisite for motivated employees is their health and safety. Thus, the purpose of the health and safety organization is to promote our employees’ health and ensure that the workplace and work processes are safe. It involves protecting the workforce from danger to life and health resulting from operational activities. These objectives are also defined in our EHS guidelines and are therefore mandatory for all locations of operation worldwide. The main objectives of the health and safety organization are as follows:



  • Medical services
  • Health check days
  • Dietary advice
  • Fitness programs and sporting activities
  • Bright and friendly workplaces
  • Work-life balance




  • Safe workplaces, machines and facilities
  • Work processes that comply with or go beyond safety requirements
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Managers who promote safety at work
  • Employees working in line with safety guidelines


Health and Safety Management

Providing a safe working environment requires strict management. In order to continually monitor the degree of achievement of our objectives for health and safety, we implemented a management system according to the internationally recognized standard OHSAS 18001. Individual sites are certified externally.

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