Erol Kirilmaz
Erol Kirilmaz, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer (CSMO)

You have been working in sales for more than 20 years, both here in Germany and throughout the world. Would you say that the last two years at LEDVANCE have been the most exciting in your career?

Erol Kirilmaz: (Laughs) Well, it certainly hasn’t been boring. But seriously, the time since Light + Building 2016 has been a tremendously exciting period for our company. In the past two years we have set the right course for the future. And developments have justified our decisions. Since our last appearance at Light + Building, LEDVANCE has moved to the next level: Whereas in 2016 we were a manufacturer still very much focused on lamp business we are now an innovative and globally oriented lighting company with a clear focus on LED technology.

LEDVANCE wants to be among the top five luminaire players in Europe by 2020 – how do you intend to achieve this?

Kirilmaz: We are already on the right path. Today we are one of two global companies for general lighting – we are represented in more than 50 countries and sell our products in more than 140 countries. We are combining our long experience stretching back almost 100 years with innovative future-oriented solutions. This year, we will be significantly expanding our luminaire portfolio once again, which will give us the broadest range for professional applications in a wide variety of sectors including shop, office, industry, hospitality and outdoor. In lamps and luminaires we cover the entire spectrum from basic to premium products. We are already one of the top ten players in Europe. And most importantly, with our strong sales team we are always focused on the needs and wishes of our customers. And strong trusting relationships with customers will continue to be our prime concern.

With regard to customer expectations, what are the requirements that a leading company in the lighting industry needs to meet, both now and in the future?

Kirilmaz: The product portfolio is of course crucial. As a one-stop shop, LEDVANCE now offers everything for general lighting: LEDs and traditional technologies, luminaires, lamps and components. But that alone is not enough. Which is why we are continuing to invest in technology, in design – for example our own new “SCALE” design language – and in our expert service and sales teams.

What is your personal highlight at Light + Building 2018?

Kirilmaz: Once again, we are lighting the blue touchpaper for a firework display of ideas and innovations. I’m excited to see how visitors react to our concept study: a smart light switch with a display with which we are redefining human centric lighting specifically for the office environment – intuitive, dynamic and simple.

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