LED, it’s easy as 123!

How to give a kid’s room a lighting makeover

Kids love to play in their rooms. But sometimes homework and sleep get in the way! Luckily the right light can make everything easier. Although we can’t guarantee your kids will now like math, their concentration should definitely improve with the LED lighting ideas shown in this video!

For kids, their rooms are their castles! Of course, as they grow, their needs change - and with that so too should lighting.

If your children have started school, then cold white LEDs can make homework time much easier by boosting concentration. Once that’s done, then bright LED lighting can provide the perfect companion for downtime and creative chaos! When it comes to story time, warm white dimmable LEDs can create the right mood. And for those who are still afraid of the dark, small animal-shaped night lights can provide the perfect reassurance - from glowing owls to luminous ladybirds, everyone can get a good night’s sleep.

The best news for parents? Changing the lights isn’t rocket science and LEDs are much more efficient than incandescent lamps.


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